In 1897, the cost of posting a local letter to a destination within 15 miles was 1d - hence the basic denomination in the set. That stamp cost 1/- to the purchaser with the balance of 11d going to the Consumptives Home fund.

The nature of the issue, with the high relative cost of the stamp, led to most covers being used in contrived ways. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to determine if a cover is philatelic or a genuine postal article.

As noted previously, the postal validity of the Consumptives Home stamps ended on 31 August 1897.

The covers shown are grouped as follows:

1d (1/-) only:

  1. First Day Covers;
  2. single frankings of the 1d (1/-) on cover and a summary of all known single frankings on cover of the 1d (1/-);
  3. multiple franking of the 1d (1/-);

1d (1/-) in mixed frankings:

  1. mixed frankings of the 1d (1/-) with other issues;
  2. Summary table of the known mixed frankings of the 1d (1/-) Charity stamp.

Both NSW Charity stamps together on cover:

  1. combination frankings of both the NSW 1897 Charity stamps;
  2. mixed frankings of both the NSW 1897 Charity stamps with another issue.

First Day Cover.

Three probable First Day Covers are known for the 1d (1/-) stamp although they have, until this website, been unrecognised or misclassified.
For example, one description of the Shaw cover below gave it the date stamp of July 22.

FDC Shaw Park Street 1 and 924 duplex for local delivery to Mr. W Shaw.

22 June 1897.

Cherrystone September 2006 Lot 1852;
Prestige Philately August 2012 Lot 265.

The above cover - albeit it philatelic - appears to be a genuine First Day Cover.

There is at least one other cover which is almost identical. Its distinguishing characteristics include:

  • for the word PARK, the P and a are not joined and the k of PARK is not broken;
  • the date stamp is well clear to the left of the stamp and it has been rotated anticlockwise by about 8 degrees.;
  • the cover has been torn from the top to between the first two initials (M and W).

The parallel 2½d (2/6) cover raises some questions especially about the first date of issue.

FDC pair
Provenance: Mike Berry, Johnstone.
The only recorded First Day Cover franked with a Charity pair.

Newtown to Sydney.
22 June 1897.

Has no backstamp.


Single franking.

Covers with a single 1d franking were popular and involved less risk to the collector. There are probably about 20 such covers (listed separately) with 9 definitely confirmed so far. At least four of the known covers went to the same address in Glebe Point - although to three different recipients.

Barry Local letter to Enmore (Barry Co).

30 June 1897 with very faint Barred Numeral 1204 of Enmore.

6  July Local letter rate within Sydney.

Oxford Street to City.
6 July 1897.

Cancelled and well tied to cover with a 699 duplex of Oxford Street.

9 July Local letter rate within Sydney.

Oxford Street to Glebe Point.
9 July 1897.

Cancelled with a 699 duplex of Oxford Street.


Similar covers to the same person but with lighter cancellations have been listed on Ebay (for 23 July 1897) and by Prestige Philately August 2012 Lot 258.

The same type of covers are also known to:

  1. Parry (of same address and same handwriting) on 16 July 1897 from Glebe;
  2. Levick at Longueville on 23 October 1898 (?).

See also the hand writing on the Glebe Point cover below. Clearly these covers were philatelic in nature and there are many similar covers to the same Glebe Point address.

Adelong Local letter rate to Adelong.
26 July 1897.

Adelong 235 Rays duplex (3R16).

Broken Hill
Provenance: Chartwell Collection (Spink May 2018, Lot 64).
Local letter to Broken Hill.
2 September 1897 - just out of postal validity.
3 Sept Oxford Street to Glebe Point.
3 September 1897.

Cancelled with a 699 duplex of Oxford Street.

See the hand writing on a previous Glebe cover also.

Other covers requiring comment are:


List of covers with single frankings of the 1d (1/-) stamp.

Date From To Seller/Reference & Date (lot)
22 June 1897 Park Street 1 - duplex 924 (addressed to Mr. W. E. Shaw
- P and a of PARK link).
Park Street Cherrystone May 2007 Lot 1852;
Prestige August 2012 Lot 265.
22 June 1897 Park Street 1 - duplex 924 (addressed to Mr. W. E. Shaw
- P and a of PARK do not link ).

Park Street  
24 June 1897 Burwood
(201 duplex date stamp inverted - 11:30 pm).
(cover to Bilborough - date stamp touches base of 1/- frame).
Stanley Gibbons Oct 2017.
25 June 1897 Sydney 24
(at 5:30 pm).
Sydney NSW duplex.
(cover to Osclaz PO Box 1384).
Corinphila May 2018 Lot 1940.
30 June 1897 Enmore Enmore (to Barry Co).
Date stamp covers lower left corner of the stamp. Faint duplex on stamp.
Ebay March 2017.
6 July 1897 Oxford Street
(699 duplex)
City Ebay August 2013.
6 July 1897 Ashfield
(193 duplex)
Ashfield to Master J. F. Stephen. Ebay Dec 2017 (techgifts).
9 July 1897 Oxford Street
(699 duplex)
Glebe Point (to Mr Danco).  
23 July 1897 George Street West duplex Glebe Point Ebay October 2014.
24 July 1897 Sydney 36 Glebe Point David Feldman Sept. 2013 Geneva Lot 41228
26 July 1897 Adelong Adelong (to Eissler Esq). Ebay May 2014.
28 July 1897

George Street North

(1385 duplex).

George Street North (to W. C. Platts). Flap has oval The London Bank of Australia. Ebay April 2018 (techgifts).
30 July 1897 Enmore Newtown Nutmeg September 2006 Lot 4866.
11 August 1897 Broken Hill
(1331 duplex).
Broken Hill Matthew Bennett February 2003 Lot 561;
Millennium April 2003 Lot 543
23 August 1897 Rockdale
(1127 duplex).
Hurstville (cover to T. Leeder). Prestige August 2013 Lot 359.
25 August 1897 Edgecliff Addressed to Mr. C. A. Gilles at Edgecliff PO.
Single with selvedge to right and below on plain envelope.
Ebay March 2018.
30 August 1897 Ashfield duplex Ashfield Millennium February 2005 Lot 49
30 August 1897 Haymarket (inverted 865 duplex). Haymarket (cover to Bilborough - date stamp touches base of 1/- frame). Ebay March 2017 .
31 August 1897 Haymarket
(inverted 865 duplex at 12:50 pm).
Haymarket (cover to Bilborough - date stamp touches lower frame). Stanley Gibbons Oct 2017.
31 August 1897 Haymarket
(inverted 865 duplex at 12:50 pm).
Haymarket (cover to Bilborough - date stamp touches base of 1/- frame and extends beyond the LH perforations). Corinphila November 2017 Lot 6127.


Beyond postal validity.

2 September 1897 Broken Hill
(1331 duplex)
Broken Hill (cover to Mr. Geo. Smith). Spink May 2018, Lot 64.
3 September 1897 Oxford Street (699 duplex) Glebe Point  
1897 (unclear duplex) Sydney Toowoomba, Qld Cherrystone, July 2006, Lot 1327.
No date Glebe 761 duplex Glebe Millennium February 2005 Lot 50


Multiple franking.

Few multiple frankings of the 1d (1/-) are recorded:

  1. the First Day Cover shown above;
  2. two covers with pairs of only the 1d (1/-) stamp - one local cover (no details available) and one to Melbourne (see below).
  3. one cover was sent to Brisbane with two single 1d (1/-) stamps.
  4. the most significant cover with a multiple is a combination franking with both of the Charity stamps in pairs.
1d pair North Sydney to Melbourne.
(NSW duplex of 16 December 1904).

One of two recorded 1d (1/-) covers franked with a pair.

2d. inter-colonial rate.

Status February 2003 Lot 1302.

Used seven years after issue.

Rod Perry, in his research of the philatelic records of early stamp dealers, notes that C. B. Donne was Melbourne's first Stamp Dealer.

Mixed franking with the 1d (1/-) stamp.

Twelve covers are recorded with a mixed franking involving the 1d (1/-) stamp and other stamps (excluding the 2½d).
Of these, 4 were sent to Queensland, 1 to Victoria and 3 were sent overseas. See below for a list of the 12 covers sighted.

Provenance: David Wild.
1d local letter rate.

Exchange to Sydney GPO
(duplex 184 of 3 July 1897).

Mixed franking with 1d NSW Coat of Arms.

Duplex does not extend beyond the Charity stamp and Arms not quite touched by cancellation.

1d Arms overpays the local letter rate.

Grosvenor (UK) 20 September 2017, Lot 294.

Mixed 1d + 3d 4d registered local letter rate.

Sydney (Registered) for local delivery 8 July 1897.

3d green Diadem pays registration fee.

Spink Auction 1021, Lot 334 (The Alvarado Collection).

Millennium Auctions September 2013, Lot 139.

2 Jy 2897 4d local registered letter rate.

Oxford Street to the S. S. Stuttgart at Circular Quay.
9 July 1897 (oval numeral 699 duplex).

In combination with 1d Arms and 2d Queen Victoria from the Jubilee issue. Has registration number 19.

Prestige Philately April 2009
Lot 354.

See corresponding cover in 2½d Covers page (Combination).

With Cent 2d inter-colonial rate.

Mathoura to Melbourne
(duplex 478 of 14 July 1897).

Mixed franking on a cut-down cover front with 1d View of Sydney Centennial.

Rockhampton 2d inter-colonial rate.

King Street to Rockhampton
(cds of 21 July 1897).

Mixed franking with 1d Arms.
Status December 2002
Lot 1016.

Similar handwriting to covers 2 and 3 above with single franking.

Almost identical covers to:

  1. to Mr Swain but with the uprating using a ½d grey pair was sold by Prestige Philately August 2012 Lot 258;
  2. to Mr Parry (same handwriting as above and or this cover) uprated with 1d Arms - Goulburn to Glebe Point, 7 August 1897.
1d combin to NZ 7d foreign registered letter rate:

Sydney to New Zealand.
23 August 1897.
British Empire rate: 4d;
foreign registration fee: 3d.

In combination with four other denominations. Hence probably philatelic but correct rate paid and to an international destination with arrival backstamps.

Prestige Philately May 2007
Lot 134.

Provenance: Mike Berry, Johnstone.
2½d foreign letter rate.

Lismore to England.
30 August 1897.
The day before the postal validity ended).

Has a date stamp on the front and a backstamp of Clevedon of 13 October 1897 and an additional backstamp of ?u?eley of 14 October.

Has a 1d violet Centennial and a ½d grey uprating the Charity stamp.

Posted after validity of stamps for postage ended (31 August 1897).

½d grey pair 2d inter-colonial letter rate.

Oxford Street to Brisbane
6 April 1899 (669 duplex).

In combination with a ½d grey pair.

Millennium Auctions February 2005 Lot 74.
Ebay March 2015.

Boston 1d mixed

Mixed franking 1906 cover to the USA, Seattle transit & Boston arrival b/s
(posted 9 years after the period of postal validity)

1897 Consumptives Home 1d (1/-) with ½d green, 1d Arms x2 and QV 2d paying the correct rate of 2½d + 3d registration.

Prestige Sale 175 August 2012 Lot 267.


Mixed franking covers including the 1d (1/-) NSW Charity.

Covers with a single 1d (1/-) stamp included in a mixed franking which have been sighted are:

Date From To Franking in addition
to 1d (1/-)
3 July 1897 Exchange GPO Sydney (Burgoyne) 1d Arms Grosvenor September 2017 Lot 294
8 July1897 Sydney Registered Sydney (Mr Pope) 3d green diadem Millennium September 2013 Lot 139.
9 July 1897 Oxford Street duplex 699 Circular Quay
(S.S. Stuttgart)
1d and 2d Jubilee Prestige April 2009 Lot 354.
14 July 1897 Mathoura Melbourne 1d Centennial Sydney View Ebay February 2015
21 July 1897 King Street Rockhampton, Qld 1d Arms Status December 2002 Lot 1016.
23 July 1897 Oxford Street dup Rockhampton, Qld 2 × ½d grey Prestige August 2012 Lot 258.
23 August 1897 Sydney Reg'd Auckland, NZ ½d, 1d, 2d & 2½d, Prestige May 2007 Lot 134.
30 August 1897 Lismore Clevedon, UK ½d grey & 1d Centennial. Mike Berry, September 2017.


Posted after validity of stamps for postage ended (31 August 1897).

19 December 1898   France 1d single with 7½d on 6d DLR + 2d Jubilee QV Australian States Study Group
Newsletter, May 1980, p.2
6 April 1899 Oxford Street duplex 669 (posted 11:30 am). Brisbane (to Mr. Fyas) ½d grey pair Millennium February 2005 Lot 74.
Ebay March 2015.
28 July 1906 Sydney Registered Boston, USA.
Addressed to Edward Keller at Adams Express Company.
½d, 1d (2 Arms) and 2d Jubilee. Prestige August 2012 Lot 267.
11 December 1913 The Exchange The Exchange ½d Centennial OS  
No date Enfield "189" rays Toowoomba, Qld 1d Arms Matthew Bennett Feb 2003 Lot 562.
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