The 1d postal rate covered the local letter rate from 1890. Most known uses of the Hospital Charity stamps are on philatelic covers. There are only three covers recorded using only the 1d (1/-).

The covers shown here are for:

  1. single franking;
  2. multiple franking;
  3. mixed franking with the 1d (1/-) Victorian 1897 Charity stamp only;
  4. combination frankings of both the Victorian 1897 Charity stamps;
  5. mixed frankings of both the Victorian 1897 Charity stamps with another issue.

Single franking

single frank Bendigo for local delivery.
28 October 1897.
Barred numeral 4 and duplex
1d printed matter rate.


Multiple franking.


A cover with a 1d (1/-) horizontal pair is recorded. It was sold at a Rod Perry Auction - possibly in September 1993.

It is addressed to J. H. Clark Esq, Post Office, St Kilda and is written in the same hand as the 2½d (2/6) single franking sent to Mr. H. Bromley at St Kilda. Both covers have the same date of posting (25 October 1897) and both were cancelled with a St Kilda 78 duplex.

Sydney Brighton to Dawes Point, NSW (cds of 21 April 1898).

5d inter-colonial registered letter rate (3d registration fee + 2d basic inter-colonial postage rate).

Has a pair and a strip of 3.

Prestige Philately January 2004 Lot 628.
Prestige Philately, December 2012, Lot 273.

Mixed franking.

Melbourne to Soerabaya, Java (Indonesia).

3 July 1901 - very late usage.

Registered foreign letter rate (3d registration fee + 2½d foreign letter rate).



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