As noted for the 1d (1/-), most known uses of these two Hospital Charity stamps are on philatelic covers.

The covers shown here are for:

  1. single franking;
  2. multiple franking;
  3. mixed franking which was forged.

Single franking.

South Yarra single St. Kilda to South Yarra.
25 October 1897.

St. Kilda duplex with barred numeral 78.

1d local letter rate overfranked by 1½d on a philatelic cover.

Multiple franking.

Stawell cover 5d registered intra-colonial rate: to Stawell, very late 9 June 1905 usage.

Pair of the 2½d stamp.

Intra-colonial letter rate: 2d;
registration fee: 3d.

Matthew Bennett February 2003 Lot 578;
Millennium April 2003, Lot 657.
Prestige Philately June 2010 Lot 688.

Germany South Yarra to Stuttgart, Germany
5 April 1898.
Numeral '200' duplexes of South Yarra.

Pair of the 2½d stamp.

8d foreign registered letter rate, 2nd step.

Use of a 3d Registered envelope to Germany uprated with a 1897 Charity 2½d pair tied by 'R' within a circle. The cover has backstamps of Melbourne and Stuttgart.

Millennium Auctions August 2004 Lot 208.
Millennium Auctions Rarities October 2004 Lot 65.

Also recorded is the use of a single 2½d (2/6) tied to a cover (with a slight tear) with a Hawthorn duplex of 28 March 1898;
(Rodney Perry 14 September 1993 Lot 1034).


Many covers were "artificially treated" to give the impression they were genuine. Sometimes original stamps would be soaked off and a Charity stamp affixed and "cancelled".

forgery In the example shown here and in the detailed scan below, it is clear that the two cancellations are of different format and size.
Detail Also the cancellation on the ½d green is clear of the Charity stamp which may be covering a space previously occupied by another stamp.


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