Stamp 15:


Note: in the lower left corner, the two broken lines do NOT both extend to the lower frame in contrast to the continuation of the corresponding lines in Stamp 8 in Row 2.


Stamp 16:

Confirmation of the identification of this stamp requires both characteristics.

The three dots are found consistently in stamps 16, 19 and 20. Other stamps show a small, faint spot in the RH position but it is not a consistent occurrence.


Stamp 17:




Stamp 18:



Stamp 19:

The flaw in the right hand recess has been found in all but one example of stamps with the characteristics in the left hand recess.


Stamp 20:



Stamp 21:

The extension of the frame from the recesses at the top is found on:

  • stamps 30 and 36:
    from the LH recess, left corner;
  • stamps 1 (minor), 4, 5, 10, 21, 32 and 38
    from the RH recess, left corner;
  • stamp 42:
    horizontal LH recess, left corner.