The lack of interest in the issue led to few covers being produced. These covers were all philatelic. No recorded cover can really be classified as being a genuine postal use of either Queensland Charity stamp.

2d stamps are rarer than 1d stamps on cover. Most of the recorded covers do, however, come in pairs of both stamps (such as for both the Gruber and Powers covers below).

The covers shown here are for:

  1. single franking;
  2. multiple franking;
  3. mixed franking with the 1d (6d) Queensland 1900 Charity stamp only;
  4. combination frankings of both the Queensland 1900 Charity stamps;
  5. mixed frankings of both the Queensland 1900 Charity stamps with another issue.

Single franking.

Four covers are recorded with a 1d single franking.

Taylor June 28 Brisbane to Coorparoo.
28 June 1900.

Single 1d franking.

Warwick Jy 1900
Mossgreen Auctions June 2015 Lot 427.
Warwick for local delivery.
18 July 1900.

Single franking is correct.

1d single
Provenance: Alan Griffiths.
Spink October 1900, Lot 1395.
Brisbane for local delivery.
25 September 1900
(QL duplex).

Single franking is correct.

Other covers with a similar single franking are:

  • a blue cover, also to Mr. Gruber, Box 177 Brisbane, with Brisbane cds of 21 June 1900 - 2 days after issue
    (Matthew Bennett, February 2003, Lot 571;
    Millennium Auctions: April 2003 Lot 591, November 2003 Lot 805 (with a 6d cover) and August 2004 Lot 115)

Multiple franking.

Strip of 4
Millennium Auctions April 2003 Lot 590.
Bundaberg for local delivery.

21 June 1900.

4d franking - including a scarce strip of 3 - overpaying the 1d local letter rate.

The largest recorded franking of the 1d Queensland Charity stamps.

There is a similar franking to that above but with three 1d (6d) singles addressed to the same correspondent with a Bundaberg cds of 20 June 1900
(Millennium Auctions April 2003 Lot 589, June 2004 Lot 75, November 2004 Lot 78, April 2005 Lot 165, August 2005 Lot 364).

Mixed franking.

There is only one cover with a 1d (6d) Charity stamp and stamps from a different issue. It was sent from Richmond to Winton on 27 July 1900 and has backstamps for Hughenden and Winton. In addition to the Charity stamp, it has a pair of 1d orange (Matthew Bennett February 2003 Lot 570). It also has a straight line Registered/Richmond.

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