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1d single The 1d (6d) claret drew heavily on one of Fred Elliott's essays.

It showed Queen Victoria in the background above three members of the armed forces - an Imperial Infantryman and a Colonial infantryman on either side of a seated sailor. Behind the Infantrymen are draped Union Jack flags.

The heading "Patriotic Fund" is above and on either side of the denomination at the bottom.

The postal denomination of 1d covered the basic letter rate.

Main details of printing.

Date of issue:
19 June 1900.
Crown over Q (sideways) with two watermarks per stamp.
Number printed:
6,500 stamps.
Supplied to Bern Bureau (UPU):
Number issued:
4,000 (estimated).

Mint stamps now generally have yellow crackly gum.


The lack of interest in the Queensland issue resulted in few multiples being collected. Consequently multiples are now scarce. The 1d (6d) stamp is known only in small multiples.

Qld 1d marg blk 4
Corner block of four.
Equal largest multiple.

Millennium Auctions April 2008 Lot 43.

Qld 1d blk 4 180
Corner block of four with sheet number.
Equal largest multiple.

Prestige Philately September 2011 Lot 242.

Horizontal strip of 4 - largest recorded strip.

Status International July 2007 Lot 1686.

Used stamps off cover.

Genuine and readable cancelled examples of the 1d (6d) stamps off cover are scarce. There are at least 12 recorded examples so far.
Details are recorded elsewhere. Examples of these are:

Stanthorpe 6 November 1900.
Prestige Philately September 2011 Lot 241,
Rockhampton 583 Duplex 21 June1900.
Prestige August 2004 Lot 617;
Status Auctions February 2007 Lot 1567.
Rockhampton 583 duplex (?).

Millennium Auctions May 2012 Lot 450.

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