There are few covers with both Queensland Charity stamps affixed. Almost all are clearly philatelic.

The covers shown are grouped as follows:

  1. combination frankings of both the Queensland 1900 Charity stamps;
  2. mixed frankings of both the Queensland 1900 Charity stamps with another issue.

Combination frankings.

Seven combination covers are recorded for the Queensland Patriotic Fund issue and all have a single of each denomination.

Only one cover can really be considered to have been genuinely used postally and it is therefore of extreme rarity:

Provenance: A. Ron Butler RDP, Johnstone.

  • Spink, London: Sale 5025, Lot 543; Sale 4028, Lot 1237 (the Ron Butler Collection);
    22 September 2004, Lot 1237.
  • Corinphila, Zurich: 28 November 2018, Lot 3262.
Brisbane to London.
14 July 1900.

Has both the 1d (6d) claret and the 2d (1/-) violet stamps. They are tied in black with Brisbane/QL obliterators.

Sent to London where, on arrival, the cover was taxed with 5d/FB/A and 25 CTMS with the amount due upon receipt at the Foreign Branch.

The tax was imposed because the Queensland Charity issue was not permitted for overseas usage.

The four covers described below are probably purely philatelic.

Toowoomba to Greenmount.
26 June 1900.

Has an arrival date stamp of 27 June. Both stamps are singles. The 1d stamp is arranged horizontally to the left of the 2d stamp which has as marginal selvedge.

Matthew Bennett February 2003 Lot 572;
Millennium Auctions:
April 2003 Lot 592,
October 2003 Rarities Lot 136,
October 2004 Rarities Lot 27,
February 2004 Lot 197,
February 2005 Lot 92, June 2005 Lot 77.

Abacus November 2019, Lot 1526.

Provenance: Bernie Manning (Prestige Philately June 2009 Lot 1209).

George St. Post Office for local delivery.
15 September 1900.

Overfranking by 2d.

Only two rows for the address.

Rod Perry notes that "W.H. Robinson, addressee on covers/piece, was an early stamp dealer. The handwriting on the covers is his - and he probably did quite a few covers. Another pioneer Queensland trader was J.E. Newell who actually served in the Boer War and was invalided back to Qld".

An almost identical cover was sold at:
Abacus November 2019, Lot 1527.
It is dated September 29 1900 and it has a small mss inscription to the left of the 2d stamp. It also has a clear George Street date stamp to the left above "Mr."

Provenance: Chartwell Collection (Spink May 2018, Lot 103).
George Street for local delivery.
15 September 1900.

Overfranking by 2d.

Cover has Brisbane as the 3rd row of the address.


  • Prestige Philately
    February 2009, Lot 313;
  • Spink May 2018, Lot 103.

George Street, Queensland for local delivery - September 29 1900.
Status Auctions September 2022 - April 2023.

Three lines for date and additional strike to left side.

The fourth (philatelic) cover with a combination franking of both singles is franked on 29 September 1900 and addressed to Robinson as on the above covers. It has Brisbane as the 3rd row of the address. This cover also has a George Street date stamp to the left of the stamps.
(Cavendish Philatelic Auctions December 2015, Lot 215).

Another example of the dual franking - with a familiar franking and a familiar addressee.

27 July 1900.

Charles Leski 16 November 2010.

One cover has an ALPHA date stamp of 10 October ?0. It is believed to be fraudulent.

Say no more. Philatelic in the extreme.


Mixed franking.

Mixed frankings with both Queensland Charity stamps are rare and only two covers are recorded:

Richmond to Winton with a c.d.s. of 27 July, 1900 and poor strikes of the badly worn first type BN"368" of Richmond plus a straight line "REGISTERED/RICHMOND".

Both Charity stamps plus two 1d orange with lined background paying the correct rate.

Backstamped at both Hughenden (Aug 1) and Winton (Aug 4).

Matthew Bennett February 2003 Lot 570;
Abacus November 2019,
Lot 1528.



A registered cover, together with a 1d red-orange on an unaddressed large piece cancelled with a "REGISTERED/Brisbane" circular date stamp of NOV 20 01 and R on each stamp.
(Spink Sale October 2012 Lot 1396 and Spink Sale January 2014 Lot 2377).