Genuine use of either of the 1900 Patriotic Fund stamps is extremely difficult to locate. A number of covers bear one of the stamps or both but do not pay the correct rate. There are however some covers which, although perhaps fabricated to some extent, still pay correct rates and also appear to have been through the appropriate postal procedures.

The covers shown below are grouped as follows:

  1. First Day Cover;
  2. mixed frankings of the 1d Victorian 1900 Charity stamp;
  3. combination frankings of both the Victorian 1900 Charity stamps;
  4. mixed frankings of both the Victorian 1900 Charity stamps with another issue.

First Day Cover.

1d (1/-) stamp on First Day Cover (22 May 1900).

There is only one set of First Day Covers recorded. They were prepared by Mr. William Rundell who worked in the General Post Office building.

Matthew Bennett February 2003 Lot 579;
Prestige Philately May 2007 Lot 577 and April 2011 Lot 522.

The 2d FDC is shown elsewhere.


Covers with a single franking of the 1d (1/-) stamp.

Wodonga to Albury (across the River).
29 May1900.

The 1d (1/-) stamp paid the special rate for border towns which was the same as the local letter rate.


Summary of known covers with only the 1d (1/-) Victoria Cross design.

Date From To Seller/Reference & Date (lot)
22 May 1900 (FDI) Melbourne Melbourne See above.
29 May 1900 Wodonga Albury Corinphila June 2024 Lot 40387


Covers with a mixed franking of the 1d (1/-) stamp..

Both of the covers shown below have their counterparts with the 2d (2/-) stamp attached.

Melbourne to Perth.
11 July 1900.

5d inter-colonial registered letter rate.
Illustrated advertising cover front.

This cover - and its companion with the 2d (2/-) Boer War stamp - is on a cover advertising Alcock & Co., Billiard Table Manufacturers of 212 Russell Street, Melbourne. Alcock is credited with bringing the game of billiards to its high level of popularity in Australia during the 1800s.

Prestige Philately May 2004 Lot 1073.
Prestige Philately June 2010 Lot 690.


Brunswick to Auckland, NZ.
25 June 1900.

5d inter-colonial registered letter rate.
Registered cover front - so no arrival backstamp.

Prestige Philately June 2010 Lot 687.