The list below records the clear date stamps on the 1d (1/-) 1897 Victorian Charity stamp.
Faint, smudged and incomplete date stamps are not included because of the difficulty in ascertaining their degree of genuineness;

CTO cancellations are discussed elsewhere.


The known covers of the 1d (1/-) 1897 Victorian Charity stamp used as a single or multiple franking on cover are listed elsewhere.

1. Date stamps on 1d (1/-) stamps.

Date on stamp From Notes Seller/Reference & Date (lot)
19 October 1897 Crowlands Three days before official issue. Status Feb 2003 Lot 1587;
Blue Owl November 2013.
25 October 1897 Abbotsford A1 Three days after issue. Richard Juzwin September 2013.
28 October 1897 Ballarat On piece. Ebay September 2013.
20 July 1898 Yarraville   Ebay September 2013.
20 September 1898 Melbourne A horizontal pair. Ebay August 2015.
10 January 1908 San Remo Cancellation is rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise. A long time out of validity for postage. Ebay August 2015.


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