Plate Proofs and Colour trials and were printed for both stamps. All colour trials were made with the final design and were therefore taken from the printing plate. The trials therefore also served as plate proofs.

The 1d (6d) was printed in 11 colours but the 2d (1/-) was printed in just the single shade. No reason is known as to why so many variations were produced for the 1d (6d) value.

Prestige Philately estimates that 1d to 2d proofs exist in a ratio of about 100:1.


1d (6d) colour trials.

Eleven colour trials in different colours and shades were printed. All were printed on ungummed watermarked paper and left imperforate.
The watermark was the same as for the issued stamp - Q over Crown sideways (rotated clockwise).

There are few complete sets known. One is in the Royal Collection while another is in the Australia Post Archival Collection. The Presentation Sheet included elsewhere is a third example of a complete set.
There are probably less than than five other complete sets - all of single images.

Singles are scarce and those which do come on the market tend to be in a narrow range of colours.

Multiples are rare. Those known are shown below:

All blocks of four shown below have provenance of Alan Griffiths (Spink October 2012 Lot 1392).

1d dull raoe pair
Dull rose-pink pair - rare multiple.

Prestige Philately December 2009 Lot 403.

1d carmine blk 4
apple green
Apple-green (pale yellowish green) block of 4.
EmeraldEmerald block of 4.
Blue green blk 4
Blue-green block of 4.
light blueUltramarine block of 4. 1d blue blk4
Dark blue block of 4.
Light violet
Pale violet
Violet blue
Violet blue
Claret PS
Violet PS
    Both of the above Colour Trials were attached to the
Presentation Sheet included elsewhere.
The claret Trial is annotated on the sheet as being
the"Colour and design approved for 1d.".

The pair of the violet-blue Colour Trial at the left is printed in a most unusual shade.

It also shows a number of frame varieties which needed correction before ye final printing commenced.


2d (1/-) proofs/Colour Trials.

There are perhaps five examples of the 2d (1/-) colour trials recorded.

They were printed in bright reddish-violet.

The watermark was the same as for the issued stamp - Q over Crown upright. This feature distinguishes the colour trial from the proof (which is on a thicker card with no watermark).

Four of the five known examples are shown below.

Proof JJ
Wide right margin and good finish to top right corner.
Rough border for lower half of right frame.

Provenance: Bernie Manning.
Prestige Philately June 2009 Lot 1210.

TRial Feldman
Cut close at top.

David Feldman May 2014 Lot 41567.

Has the lower margin trimmed and reaching the frame under TWO PENCE.

Provenance: Spink Sale 16030, Lot 1176.
Millennium Auctions, April 2003 Lot 588.

Corin 2d
Dark violet.
Has surface abrasions in the top right corner and a small crease in the top of the paper at the margin - almost certainly at the time of the printing.

Affixed to the Presentation Sheet.

Corinphila Besa├žon Sale, May 2018, Lot 3195.


No multiples of the 2d (1/-) colour trials are recorded.

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