Australia - Australian Post Office: 1957-1975.
Ordinary rate delivery form: AA-DO-12

General characteristics:

Heading and notes: Form number T.G. 42 which changed to T.X. 42 in 1968. Heading begins
Message area: Blank.
Reverse side: Blank.
Colours (text & form): Green on yellow.
Size of form overall: 127 × 203 mm.
Distinctive characteristics of this form:
Printed in November 1964.

Sydney to Lyndhurst, NSW
(17 September 1970).


  • has form number T.G.42;
  • schedule number to right and below heading.
Printed in 1965.

Wollongong to Berkeley, NSW.
7 November 1967.


  • has form number T.G.42;
  • schedule number moved to the left and now positioned under the heading.
Printed in 1973.

Canberra for local delivery with
TELEGRAPHS CANBERRA date stamp of 13 April 1978.


  • form number changed to T.X. 42;
  • printed in dark green on dull yellow paper.

The 13th April was Gough Whitlam's last day of attending Parliament as a Member of the House of Representatives. He did not however resign from the House until 31 July 1978.

DO-12CbPrinted in 1972. AA-DO-12Cb.

Unused delivery form.


  • printed in pale green on light yellow paper.

Most of the 1972 printing was printed in the usual mid to dark green colour and on the usual yellow paper. The pale green variety was possibly a single printing.

Details of use and rarity.

Schedule number Earliest recorded date Rarity rating
DO-12A T.G 42. Sch.C9671 11/64. 1 July 1966 at North Bowenfells
(Relief No. 62).
All of these forms are rated R if in used condition. They are common unused.
DO-12B T.G. 42. Sch. C 1023-65 7 November 1967 at Berkeley, NSW.
  T.G. 42 Sch. C 1355-66  
  T.G. 42 Sch. C. 5207-67  
DO-12Ca T.X. 42 Sch. C5525/68. 17 April 1970 at Telegraph Office Geelong.
  T.X. 42 Sch. C.6000/69  
  T.X. 42. Sch. 6400/70.  
  T.X. 42 O/N C 4207/71. 24 December 1974 at Bodalla, NSW.
  T.X. 42 O/N C42581/72-L 28 July 1976 at CTO Sydney.
  T.X. 42 O/N C44561/73. 30 June 1975 at Military P.O Balcombe.
DO-12Cb T.X. 42 O/N C42581/72-L. 27 March 1975 at Bodalla NSW. NC