Australia - Australian Post Office: 1957-1975.
Ordinary rate delivery form: AA-DO-13

General characteristics:

Heading and notes: No form number and four formats in side printing.
Message area: Blank.
Reverse side: Blank.
Colours (text & form): A to C: Blue sides on yellow.
D: Green on yellow.
Size of form overall: 214 mm. wide.
Distinctive characteristics of this form:
DO-13A Detail of heading for
DO-13A form AA-DO-13A.

Ocean Grove to (West) Coburg
22 November 1957.
Scarce TELEGRAPH OFFICE rubber rectangular date stamp.


  • Heading is POST OFFICE AUSTRALIA COMMUNICATIONS reverse printed in light blue;
DO-13B Detail of heading for
DO-13B form AA-DO-13B.

Rockdale to Condobolin, NSW
21 August 1962.


  • Heading is POST OFFICE COMMUNICATIONS AUSTRALIA reverse printed in blue;

See Hobart CTO for an earlier use of this form and a rare Hobart CTO distorted date stamp.

DO-13C Detail of heading for
DO-13C form AA-DO-13C.

Bairnsdale to Darwin,
11 February 1963.

Scarce Darwin date stamp.


  • Heading is AUSTRALIAN POST OFFICE TELEGRAM reverse printed in blue.

After three formats of this form with reverse printing on the sides, a change was made to direct printing of the heading on the sides. The Post Office Monthly Circular for May 1964 noted:

"12. Telegram Forms in Rolls: The side-mast telegram roll TG 42BA, which has been in use for some years, has the wording "Australian Post Office - Telegram" appearing in blue reverse block printing down each side of the roll. However, arrangements have been made to vary the appearance of the next reprint of these rolls. The words showing on the side strip will be the same as on the present rolls but they will be printed in green ink in the clear without the background now produced by the reverse block process. These changes have been adopted with the object of overcoming the problems experienced in securing a satisfactory reproduction of the side printing by the present method.

Supplies of the new TG 42BA rolls will be issued from Stores when the existing stocks of rolls become exhausted".

Detail of heading for
DO-13D AA-DO-13D.

Ongerup to Perth.
(1 February 1966).

Very rare Chief Telegraph Office rubber rectangular date stamp.
Form has been trimmed to cut off the sidemast on the right.


  • Heading is AUSTRALIAN POST OFFICE/TELEGRAM direct printed in green;
  • 74 mm between consecutive TELEGRAM entries.


Holt AA-DO-13D.

Echuca to Canberra
2 March 1967.

Telegram to Prime Minister Harold Holt.

Form shows the usual side masts on both sides.

Details of use and rarity.

Schedule number Earliest recorded date Rarity rating
DO-13A None. 17 August 1956 at C.T.O. Brisbane, Queensland. C
DO-13B None. 25 November 1957 at Wangaratta, Vic. C
DO-13C None. 17 May 1962 at CTO Sydney (to SS Iberia). C
DO-13D None. 16 October 1965 at Cobar. C