Australia - 1917-1988.
Slogan cancellations: A Telegraphic Code Address Saves Time and Money.


A slogan postmark advertising


was introduced at all six main Post Offices during the week commencing 11 June 1961 and subsequently at three other offices - Canberra, Launceston and Newcastle.


Earliest recorded use:
13 June 1961 at Brisbane and Melbourne.

Latest recorded use:
1 May 1974 at Hobart.
Some writers (e.g. Occleshaw) note that this slogan was withdrawn from use by mid-1975. Others note the latest year was 1969.

Nature of the slogan and the Dies:

The slogan was 20 mm high and incorporated letters 2 mm high.

The slogan was used in nine Offices and 137 examples are included in the Census so far.

Details of the main variations in format for each Office using multiple dies, including die variations and code numbers and posting details, are accessed by the hyperlinks.

There appear to be two distinctive dies for the TELEGRAPHIC CODE ... slogan - in addition to the use of circles or boxes and the inscriptions at the base therein. These dies are identified by the length of the first line.

Die 1: the first line is 30 mm long and the letters at each end are outdented just beyond the ends of the line below.
  • the most common die - used in about 70% of examples in the Census.
  • known at all Offices using this slogan cancellation except for Perth where details of only one example are recorded.
  • Die 1
    Example: Hobart Box 30 August 1970.
    Die 2: the first line is 28 mm long and letters at each end are indented from the ends of the line below.
  • recorded for all 9 Offices which used this slogan cancellation;
  • appears to have been a later change about 1968 except for one example for Brisbane used in 1966.
  • Die 2
    Example: Adelaide Box 25 May 1971.

    Use of the slogan by Office:


    Number of dies recorded: 7;

    Earliest date recorded:
    12 September 1961.

    Latest date recorded:
    25 September 1973 (Occleshaw).

    Number in Census: 14.

    Adel Sept 1962
    14 September 1962.

    Number of dies recorded: 9;

    Earliest date recorded:
    13 June 1961 (2 days after introduction).

    Latest date recorded:
    30 April 1973.

    Number in Census: 23.


    Bne 1961 Rothwells
    6 September 1961.


    Number of dies recorded: 1;

    Only date recorded for this format: 28 July 1971.

    Number in Census: 1.



    Canberra 1971
    28 July 1971 - Apollo 15 Tidbinbilla Deep Space Complex - commemorative cover.

    Number of dies recorded: 5;

    Earliest date recorded:
    7 June 1962.

    Latest date recorded:
    1 May 1974.

    Number in Census: 24.

    Hobart 1964
    4 June 1964.


    Number of dies recorded: 2;

    Earliest date recorded:
    28 March 1968.

    Latest date recorded:
    7 May 1970.

    Number in Census: 3.

    Laun 1968 March 28
    28 March 1968.


    Number of dies recorded: 7;

    Earliest date recorded:
    13 June 1961 (2 days after introduction).

    Latest date recorded:
    25 July 1973.

    Number in Census: 25.

    Melb Oct 1964
    26 August 1963.


    Number of dies recorded: 3;

    Earliest date recorded:
    3 May 1964.

    Latest date recorded:
    10 January 1969.

    Number in Census: 5.

    new 1964
    3 May 1964.


    Number of dies recorded: 4;

    Earliest date recorded:
    11 September 1963.

    Latest date recorded:
    9 June 1970.

    Number in Census: 4.

    Perth June 9
    9 June 1970.


    Number of dies recorded: 22;

    Earliest date recorded:
    14 June 1961.

    Latest date recorded:
    23 June 1973.

    Number in Census: 137.

    Sydney 1961
    14 June 1961.

    Error: TINE.

    There was a short-lived error in one of the sleeves used in Melbourne. The word TIME was incorrectly engraved as TINE. Details of the error are: