Australia - Brown years: 1923-1939.
1934 Mothers' Day Greetings: AB-GM-34.

General characteristics:

Heading and notes: Form number T.G. 42F.
Message area: Blank.
Reverse side: Blank.
Colours (text & form): Multi-colour heading on cream paper which varies in shade from light to mid.
Size of form overall: 152 × 202 mm (form);
90 × 146 mm (envelope).
Distinctive characteristics of this form:
 The first Mothers' Day ornamental greetings telegram and matching envelope were issued in April 1934.
The design continued to be available during the weeks before Mothers' Day in each of the following two years (1935 and 1936) before being replaced in 1937.

During the period for this design, the use of Mothers' Day telegrams rose from 16,084 (in 1934) to 32,542 (in 1936).

AB-GMF-34 AB-GMF-34.
Terang to Elsternwick, Vic (11 May 1935).


  • heading is three words;

Delivery envelope accompanying above telegram but no date stamp.


  • no form number;
  • printed on light coloured paper with orange letters on a darker background.
AB-GME-34Ab AB-GME-34Ab.

Unused delivery envelope.


  • form number is
    T.G. 65 F;
  • printed on darker coloured paper in red letters with a lighter background.


The opaque envelope is also known with a large SPECIMEN COPY hand stamp.

Magazine advertising.

Advertisements promoting the availability and use of the Mother's Day commemorative forms
appeared in several formats - especially in magazines.

Advert Magazine advertisements for the 1934 issue of the first Mother's Day Greetings telegram.

Published in Walkabout
1 May 1937, p.2.

The date on the telegram shows 12 May 1934.



A brochure was printed to advertise the availability of the 1934 Mothers Day forms.
This brochure was small enough to be inserted into delivery envelopes.
Copies were also distributed directly from Post Offices.
Front page of the small brochure.
Inside pages of the brochure.
Outside end page of the brochure.


Newspaper advertising.

Advertisements also appeared in newspapers across Australia although appearing like news items. An article in The North Eastern Ensign (published in Benalla, Vic) on 10 May 1935 is typical of such newspaper items:


"The notable anniversary of Mothers' Day occurs on 12th May and is gaining more and more in popularity. The celebration of this event has grown and today Mothers' Day is universally set apart by sons and daughters to express their loving appreciation of mother's devotion. It is the day when a special effort is made to add to mother's happiness by sending her a token expressive of thoughtfulness, love and loyalty.

The warmth and personal touch of the special Mothers' Day greeting telegram provided by the P.M.G.'s Department has found much favor with sons and daughters in Australia, the form being appropriately designed and decorated in three colors with envelope to match.

All that the sender need do to ensure his greeting telegram being delivered on the special form is to write "Mothers' Day Greeting" before the address; these words will not be counted or charged for. The usual telegram rates will apply, there being no additional charge for the special forms.

The facility will be available from the 7th to the 16th May, both dates inclusive. As May 12th this year falls on a Sunday, it is desirable to lodge greeting telegrams either on the previous Friday or Saturday in order that they will be delivered before Sunday. Telephone subscribers may telephone their Mothers' Day greeting messages, asking for "Telegrams" in the same manner that ordinary telegrams are now sent".


Details of use and rarity.

Schedule number Earliest recorded date Rarity rating
GMF-34 None. 11 May 1935 at Elsternwick, Vic. NC
GME-34Aa None.   NC
GME-34Ab None.   NC
Brochure   Not applcable. Scarce.