Australia - APO years: 1957-1975.
Ordinary rate delivery envelope: AA-EO-19.

General characteristics:

Heading and notes: Form number T.G. 65 B on the first printing and T.X. 65B from 1972 printing.
TELEGRAM in top left corner.
Message area: Blank.
Reverse side: Two slogans.
Colours (text & form): Blue on white.
Size of form overall: 89 × 146 mm.
Distinctive characteristics of this form:
 This was the last design for the opaque ordinary rate delivery envelopes - see note below.

Printed in 1967 by Topliner Opaque
19A rev



  • printed by Topliner Opaque;
  • Form number T.G. 65 B on front;
  • TELEGRAM in thick sans serif letters 6 mm high;
  • overall size of envelope 89 × 146 mm;
  • Downland Opaque printed the corresponding 1967 window delivery envelope (AA-EO-18Ac).


19A sec
Characteristics of the reverse side:
  • both slogans on the reverse are the same as on the corresponding window delivery envelope (AA-EO-18Ac);
  • top slogan is two lines with 2nd line being ADDRESS TELEGRAMS TO A TELEPHONE NUMBER;lower slogan is PLEASE POST YOUR MAIL ...
  • flap is pointed with straight sides.


Has the same characteristics except there is no schedule number on the left side under the flap.



19B rev


  • printed by BP in 1973;
  • front is the same as for EO-19Aa;
  • Form number changed to T.X. 65 B - the same year as for the corresponding window envelope;
  • TELEGRAM in thick sans serif letters 6 mm high;
  • overall size of envelope 89 × 146 mm;
  • BP printed this envelope although SGGS Graysmith printed the corresponding 1972 window delivery envelope (AA-EO-18Ca).
  Characteristics of the reverse side:
  • top slogan is three lines with the recommended address being
    lower slogan is ADDRESS MAIL FULLY ...
  • flap is pointed with straight sides.

In the September 1978 Post Office Circular, the following information was printed:

17. Telegram Envelopes.

1. Telecom Australia has advised that a recent survey revealed that no requirement exists for continued production of non-transparent ordinary and urgent telegram envelopes (TX 65B and TX 65C).

2. When existing stocks are exhausted no further supplies will be available ad TX 65 and TX 65A (transparent window envelopes) should be used. Any supplies of TX 65B and TX 65C on hand at 30 June 1980 are to be destroyed.

3. TX 65, TX 65A and TX 65H (green confirmatory copy) envelopes are being modified to incorporate the Telecom Australia logo and these will be available when existing stocks are depleted.

4. Postmasters at those offices which complete the Half-Yearly Requisition For Stores form SP 14 might please note that the description shown of form TX 65B in that publication is not correct and that the form TX 65B does not have a transparent panel.

(PN. 287/2/51).

Details of use and rarity.

Schedule number Earliest recorded date Rarity rating
EO-19Aa C.T.B. 3229 - 67
(Topliner Opaque).
EO-19Ab None.   NC
EO-19B SCH. CTB 5589/73