Australia - Brown years: 1923-1939.
A comparison of the slogans on envelopes EO-7 and EO-8.

The delivery envelopes of types AB-EO-7 (opaque) and AB-EO-8 (window) were printed immediately prior to the outbreak of World War 2 - at the end of the Brown era. They were identical on the front in terms of content - but of course, EO-8 had the window. Very few envelopes are known with date stamps so tracing date of issue and use is difficult.

Both types had a variety of slogans on the reverse side which related to Telegrams, Telephones, types of Postal Services and the use of the Post. The slogans on the reverse side of the envelopes were printed in pairs with one slogan from each of two of these categories. The slogans varied slightly over time in the order of presentation and in wording - but only a little across the two types.

Combination 1: Registration - Telephones;
Combination 2: Air Mail - Telephones;
Combination 3: Telephone - Express Messenger;
Combination 4: Telephone - Postal Use;
Combination 5: Air Mail - Time.
Postal Service (Registration)- Telephone.  
Types EO-7A and EO-8C.


Type EO-7B.
Postal Service (Air Mail) - Telephone  
Type EO-8B.


Tel_air B
Types EO-7A and EO-8B.
Telephone-Postal Service (Express)  
Tel_exp 1
Types EO-7A and EO-8B.
Tel_exp 2
Type EO-8B.
Known used in Melbourne 9 February 1939.


Telephone-Postal Use (Post Early)  
Tel Post early 1
Type EO-8B.
Post Ear Tel 2
Type EO-8B format.


Postal Service (Air Mail) -Time.  
Time Post Early
Types EO-7A and EO-8C.
Used at Prahran 23 August 1940.