Australia - APO years: 1957-1975.
Urgent rate delivery envelope: AA-EU-11

General characteristics:

Heading and notes: Form No. T. G. 65A changed to TX 65A in 1971.
URGENT TELEGRAM in one line centred.
Message area: Large window. No slogan.
Reverse side: Two slogans.
Colours (text & envelope): Red on white.
Size of envelope overall: 89 × 145 mm.
Distinctive characteristics of this form:



AA-EU-11A (60).  
Probably printed in December 1960.

AA-EU-11A (60)
AA-EU-11Aa (reverse side).


  • form number is T.G. 65A;
  • has Schedule number under URGENT.

Although no printing date is indicated, the schedule number of C.T.B. 1774 is the same as that used for the printing of the ordinary rate delivery envelope AA-EO-17D which also includes the date 12/60.



  • reverse side has a wavy line security pattern;
  • flap has a narrow curved peak with straight sides;
  • no details under flap.
AA-EU-11Ba (67).  
AA-EU-11Ba (67)Printed in 1967 by Downlands Secretive. AA-EU-11Ba rev (67)


  • colour is lilac;
  • form number is T.G. 65A;
  • flap has straight sides and a pointed peak;
  • printed by Downlands Secretive (see under flap at left);
  • has schedule number under flap at right.
AA-EU-11Bb (68).  
Printed in 1968 by REDI-VIEW.
AA-EU-11Bb rev


  • Colour is red;
  • form number is T.G. 65A;
  • flap has slightly curved sides and wide peak;
  • printed by Redi-view (see under flap at left);
  • slogans are the same as previously but in different sized fonts.
AA-EU-11Bb sch (68)
AA-EU-11C (70).  
EU-11C (70)Characteristics:
  • Change of form number to TX (T.G.) 65A;
  • Colour is red;
AA-EU-11C (70)The reverse side showing pointed flap.
Printer details are under the flap on the left side while the schedule number is under the flap on the right side.
AA-EU-11D (71) - Overland Telegraph Line commemorative.  
Printed in 1971 by SGGS Graysmith.
AA-EU-11C rev (71)Reverse side with the Overland Telegraph Centenary reference.


  • change of form number to Tx 65A - with "x" very small;
  • flap has rounded peak with slightly curved sides;
  • reverse side at base shows 1872-1972 ... CENTENARY;
  • top slogan on reverse incorporates a reference to TELEX NUMBER.
AA-EU-9Ca_sch (71)
AA-EU-11E (72).  
AA-EU-11D (72)
Printed in 1972 by SGGS Graysmith.
AA-EU-11D rev (72)


  • form number has a small "x" like that for the previous format;
  • flap has rounded peak with slightly curved sides;
  • top slogan on reverse incorporates a reference to TELEX NUMBER.


AA-EU-11D sch (72)
AA-EU-11F (73).  
AA-EU-11E (73)
Printed in 1973 by B&P.
AA-EU-11E rev (73)


  • form number TX 65A and now has a normal sized "X";
  • flap has straight sides and pointed peak;
  • top slogan is the same as previously but the lower slogan is
    now "ADDRESS MAIL ..." and references the post code
    (introduced in 1967).
AA-EU-11E sch (73)
Printed in 1974 by B&P Griffin.
AA-EU-11F rev (74)


  • flap has pointed peak with straight sides;
  • slogans are reversed in their order - slogan
    "TO EXPEDITE ..." is now at the base.
AA-EU-11F sch (74)

Details of use and rarity.

Schedule number Earliest recorded date Rarity rating
EU-11A Sch. C.T.B. 1634  

By 1960, telegrams were almost exclusively telephoned to the recipient and confirmation copies delivered or mailed only if requested.

Hence genuinely used urgent rate delivery envelopes are scarce.

  Sch. C.T.B. 1774  
  Sch. C. 8583 - 4/61.  
EU-11Ba SCH. C.T.B. 3229-67.
EU-11Bb SCH. C.T.B. 3773-68.
EU-11C SCH. C.T.B. 4135-70
EU-11D 15654/71
EU-11E 16214/72.
EU-11F SCH CTB 5589/73.
EU-11G SCH. CTB 5811-74.