Australia - War years: 1940-1957.
Urgent rate delivery envelope: AW-EU-10

General characteristics:

Heading and notes: Form No. T. G. 65 A.
URGENT TELEGRAM in two lines in the centre.
Message area: One slogan above the window.
Reverse side: Two slogans.
Colours (text & envelope): Red on white paper.
Size of envelope overall: 88 × 145 mm.
Distinctive characteristics of this form:

Used at Rockhampton 3 March 1954.


  • all three slogans are telegram related;
  • window is 31.5 mm high.
EU-10A  rev AW-EO-10A (reverse).

Reverse side of this type of delivery envelope.


  • flap has narrow peak and slightly curved sides;
  • security pattern is printed inside so the reverse side is white;
  • slogans refer to STREET NUMBER and to MAIL MATTER AND TELEGRAMS;
  • top slogan has TELEGRAMS as plural.


Used at Maryborough on 21 March 1967.


  • two of the three slogans are telegram related;
  • window is 28 mm high.
EU-10B rev AW-EU-10B (reverse).

Reverse side of the above delivery envelope.


  • shows a snake-skin security pattern on the reverse side;
  • flap has a rounded peak and curved sides;
  • slogans refer to STREET NUMBER and to MAIL;
  • top slogan has TELEGRAM as singular.



Details of use and rarity.

Schedule number Earliest recorded date Rarity rating
EU-10A None 3 March 1954 at Rockhampton. C (unsued)
EU-10B None 12 October 1955 at Mt. Magnet. C (unused)