A combined delivery form and envelope.

A French form designed to combine a delivery form with a delivery envelope.


C&A 1882

Telegram from
Sydney, Australia
Bordeaux, France
27 January 1882.

Delivery form which can be folded to form the envelope.

This scan shows the telegram fully opened.

As international telegrams were very expensive, almost all used code.


This message reads:

which, after translation, reads:

Melbourne, Sydney and Noumea have remitted since 23 November £9,000.

(Ed: this amount would have been mainly for brandy and other spirits plus wine).

The form measures (without the flap) 132 × 233 mm.

C&A folded

The folded form with an address label from the teletype tape, Also has a sealing stamp which had to be broken on opening.

Overall size: 67 × 118 mm.