Victoria - Colonial: 1854-1900.
Reply-Paid delivery envelope: VC-ER-1.

General characteristics:

Heading and notes: No form number.
Message area: Blank.
Reverse side: Blank - no seal.
Colours (text & form): Black on bright green paper.
Size of form overall: 83 × 141 mm.
Distinctive characteristics of this form:
There had been some doubt about the classification of this envelope as being issued in the Colonial period or in the Interim period. The discovery of the Fitzroy cover in late 2017 clarified the classification as being Colonial.
VC-ER-1 Fitzroy


For delivery in Fitzroy.
31 May 1893.

Date stamp is a complete and clear Fitzroy 1 hole Belt & Buckle design in black.

Age and improper storage have faded the otherwise bright green colour of the paper.

VI-RE-1 VC-ER-1.

For delivery at Campbell's Creek.
No date.

Only recorded example of a reply paid delivery envelope.

Details of use and rarity.

Schedule number Earliest recorded date Rarity rating
ER-1 None 31 May 1893 at Fitzroy. RRRR