Victoria - Colonial period: 1854-1900.
Transmission form: VC-TO-6.

General characteristics:

Heading and notes: No form number but one of two dates (8/73 or 12/73).
Post Office Telegraphs, Victoria.
Number of form (in a book) handstamped in black.
Message area: 30 boxes in six lines.
Reverse side: Blank.
Colours (text & form): Red on cream with blue indicium.
Size of form overall: 209 × 335 mm.
Distinctive characteristics of this form:

In August 1873, the Victorian Post Office Telegraphs Department printed 5,000 specially designed transmission forms with another 5,000 printed in December. An unaccepted essay is known for the embossed image.

The announcement in the Report on the Post Office and Telegraph Department for the year 1873 stated (p. 9):

"Telegraph forms, with a one shilling postage stamp embossed upon each, and paged, perforated and bound into books of 20 and 40 forms each, and valued £1 and £2 respectively, were issued on the 10th October".

Features of these forms were:

No used form is recorded.

The embossed image was added after the printing. It varied in its position as is shown on this and the related page. It also appears as if two papers were used - one being slightly rougher than the other.

The following list partly summarises the numbers of forms sold by year as recorded in the Annual Reports:

August printing.CV_TO_6
Printed August 1873.

Note that the embossed image for the above form is:

  • at the left: above the full-stop after VICTORIA.
  • at the base: about level with the tops of the letters in the heading.

The only numbers recorded to date for the August printing for complete forms (and not overprinted SPECIMEN) in good condition are:

  • 1 (Prestige Auctions 2006, lot 473; Sept 2007 Lot 758;
    Oct 2008, Lot 544 - ex Gundersen)
  • 3 (Rainey 2012);
  • 4 (Status December 2006 Lot 1685 and February 2007 Lot 1719); Ebay June 2011.
  • 7 (overprinted SPECIMEN - see below);
  • 9 (Ebay Aug. 2012);
  • 12 (Spink, May 2015 (15023) Lot 2177);
  • 12 (Ebay June 2017). Overprinted Specimen in black (see below).
  • 14;
  • 16 (Pat SA);
  • 17 (Phoenix Auctions, June 2014, Lot 676);
  • 18;

Numbers recorded to date for the August printing for damaged or incomplete forms are:

  • 8 (Spink, April 2017 (17015 Lot 2142) and Status Oct 2021 (Lot 3253))missing the tab);
  • 11 (Ebay March 2013 (no tab and damage to RHS);
  • 13 (missing the tab);
  • 15 missing the tab but the only recorded form overprinted Specimen in blue (see below).
    Provenance: Dave Elsmore.

December printing.

There are possibly four recorded forms for the December printing (to date).

The forms which are complete with tabs are:

A third form, whose number was not recorded, is also claimed to be complete. It was offered by Status Auctions in December 2006 Lot 1685 and again in February 2007 as Lot 1720.

There is one known form with a missing the tab:

Dec form 20
Printed in December 1873.
Note that for this embossed image:
  • the left edge is nearly above the last I of VICTORIA.
  • the base is below the level of the top of the letters in the heading.

The embossed image for the incomplete form 6 is in the same position as for the August printing.

CV_TO_6b Detail of the heading of one of the two recorded forms
with printing date 12/73.

Specimen overprints.

There are at least four examples of SPECIMEN overprints recorded on this transmission form. The variations are:

See further details on the Overprint and the Proposed essay.

VC-TO-6 Spec
Part of the 1/- embossed transmission form overprinted SPECIMEN vertically on the right of the indicium.

Detail of the only recorded black SPECIMEN overprint.
On Form # 12 of the August printing.

Upper and lower case font 1.2 mm high.

Blue spec
Detail of the only recorded blue SPECIMEN overprint.
On Form # 15 of the August printing.

Upper and lower case font 1.2 mm high.

Provenance: Dave Elsmore who kindly provided the scan.

Embossed cutout
SPECIMEN overprint in red.
Cut-out (possibly a proof).

Upper case font 1.6 mm high with
leading S at 2.5 mm high.

The type 9 SPECIMEN overprint was used in 1878 which
implies it would have been overprinted about
half-way during the 10 year sale of the issue
for reasons now unknown.

Provenance: McCredie.

Millenium Philatelic Auctions.
June 2011 Lot 507.

VC-TO-6 Spec on form
Detail of the SPECIMEN overprint in red.
On form # 7 of the August printing (see above).

Upper case font 2.0 mm high with all letters of the same height.

The type 6 SPECIMEN overprint was used between 1871 and 1873 which would imply the above overprint was the first to be applied and was applied at the time of printing.

Details of use and rarity.

Schedule number Earliest recorded date Rarity rating
TO-6a 5000 - 8/73 Not known. RRRR (complete)
TO-6b 5000 - 12/73 Not known. RRRR