Australia: 1856 - 1988.
Bibliography for South Australia.


Author (year) Title References to telegraph information.
Australian Heritage Places Inventory Adelaide General Post Office.


Good general guide.
Last updated 26 June 2012.
Cosgrave, Carol The Goolwa Post Office.
Linn, R. A Heritage History of the South-East of South Australia. Professional Historians Association (South Australia),
H. C. Talbot
The Mail
, midnight edition, 19 March 1927.
Adelaide's Postal History: from Torrens Bank to Victoria Square: Story of the Chimes, 7, Excellent review of the histoy of the SA postal system with special information on the Chimes in the GPO.
Walker, M. (2004) The Post, Telegraph and Telephone Offices of South Australia and the Northern Territory.
South Australia: ISBN 0 9757019 1 6.
Lists all Post and Telegraph Offices in South Australia and in the Northern Territory with dates of their evolution. An essential reference book for South Australia.