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Cricket - Ray Lindwall.

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Ray Lindwall (1921-1996) is regarded as being one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time. His partnership with Keith Miller formed one of the best new ball combinations ever seen.

He made his Test debut in 1946 against New Zealand and then paused for a few months to resume playing full-back for the St. George Rugby League team - which won the Grand Final in the NSWRL a few months later.

He resumed cricket by starting the partnership with Miller and becoming lead bowler in Bradman's Invincibles (86 wickets in the tour with 27 in the Tests).

Lindwall Bowling 2
Lindwall took 228 wickets at an average of 23 - breaking Grimmett's record of 216 for the most wickets taken.
Lindwall scored his maiden century in the 2nd Test of the 1946-47 Invincibles tour. Altogether he scored 1502 runs at an average of 21.2


The Test Wickets record.  

Sydney to Melbourne Cricket Ground (CTO Melbourne
16 February 1959).

Lindwall lived at Hurstville and attended High School at Marist Brothers Kogarah.

The Fifth Test of the Ashes series against England was played in Melbourne 13-18 February 1959. At the end of the Fourth Test, Lindwall had 215 wickets - one behind Grimmett.

Richie Benaud won the toss and unusually sent England into bat. Lindwall's first ball had Trevor Bailey caught by Alan Davidson to equal the record.

Lindwall also bowled Bailey in his first over in the second innings to break Grimmett's record.

IAO-DO-2 Lindwall IAO-DO-2.

Telegram to Ray Lindwall at Melbourne on the day he broke the record.

The message was sent from S.S. Kooliga to the Melbourne Coastal Radio station and thence to OTC for delivery.

Kooliga The S.S. Kooliga from where the above telegram to Ray Lindwall was sent.

She was a general cargo ship launched on 21 November 1957 under the Australian flag.

Her gross tonnage was 2,879 tons and she had a summer DWT of 3,505 tons.

She was renamed Japri Venture when sold in 1973.


Brisbane to East Melbourne
(17 February 1959).

This telegram was sent the day after the previous one to congratulate Lindwall on his 217 wicket record.

It used the Orchids Greetings ornamental delivery form issued in 1954.

See a similar form (AB-GSF-54B).