People involved with telegraphs in some way.

People involved with telegraphs in some way and about whom information is conained in this site are:

People involved with Telegraph Departments:

Australia Sir Percy Brown.  
New South Wales E. C. Cracknell Superintendent of Telegraphs
Queensland W. J. Cracknell General Superintendent of Telegraphs
South Australia Charles Todd Superintendent of Telegraphs and Government Astronomer.
Victoria Samuel McGowan Superintendent of Telegraphs.
Western Australia James Fleming.  


People involved in the construction of telegraph lines.

Knuckey, Richard Randall Overland Telegraph Line plus Port Augusta to Eucla (in SA) and Niagara to Lawless (in WA).
Stuart, John McDouall Explorer and Surveyor in the Surveyor General's Office in South Australia


People involved in Politics.