Queensland - 1860 -1988.
T.O.K and T.O. (Telegraph Office) date stamps.


The date stamps listed on this page are all headed - in the top inscription of the date stamp:

  • T. O. K. - or
  • T.O.

The letters preceed the Office name except when noted.

The date stamps were always circular (SC) and the diameter was generally 27 mm (unless otherwise noted). All date stamps were made from steel/brass.


T.O.K - Telegraph Office Keeper.


The only recorded use of a date stamp with this inscription is at Drum(mond) Range in the Central West region.
It is dated 24 January 1966.

24 January 1966.


T.O. - Telegraph Office.

Some Offices which were probably only Telephone Offices are nevertheless included below because
some at least may have had a Telegraph Office facility.
All of these date stamps are rated as very rare and little is recorded about them.

Office Region Inscription Earliest date.  
Boondooma Brisbane Roma Mackay T.O. 8 September 1973.  
Crediton       Probably a Telephone Office.
Deeragun       Probably a Telephone Office.
Delta Burketown Cloncurry Mackay T.O. 3 December 1950. Probably a Telephone Office.
Hidden Valley Brisbane Roma Mackay T.O. 24 November 1945.  
Mount Dangar       Probably a Telephone Office.
Rivermead Burketown Cloncurry Mackay T.O. 5 August 1955 Two examples known.
Risenshine   T.O. 27 November 1963. Probably a Telephone Office.
Sybil Creek       Probably a Telephone Office.
The Weir   T.O.   Probably a Telephone Office.
Townsville   T.O. 13 October 1944.  


Risenshine T.O.
T. O. Risenshine.
27 November 1963.

Diameter: 31 mm.

On a cover from ?? to Epping which was possibly missent to the Telegraph Office but returned before being on-forwarded.

Provenance: Dave Jeffrey.

The Weir
The Weir T.O.
10 April 1964.

On 5d blue booklet QEII on a cover - the later of two strikes recorded.

Provenance: Dave Jeffrey.