Telegraph Offices on the Wahgunyah Branch.

The Telegraph Offices shown here are from both the Wahguhyah and the Bright Branches.


The Telegraph Office opened in August 1867.

The town (and Post Office when it was opened in 1860) was originally caled Morse's Creek. In 1866, this name was changed to Bright.

The line was constructed expressly to Bright from Beechworth.




Carboor is about 19 km south-west of Myrtleford.

The Telegraph Office opened about 1913 and closed on 11 September 1967.

Carboor in violet.
12 December 1959.

Only non-archival strike recorded
and so rated RRRRR.
(Details in WWW are incorrect).


The Telegraph Office was established in May 1879. The Post Office had been opened as Myrtle Creek and it changed name to Myrtleford on 1 January 1871.


Myrtleford 1st
The first Myrtleford Post & Telegraph Office - probably taken in the 1880s.
The second Myrtleford P&T Office about 1910.

The Telegraph Office was opened in August 1862.



A Belt & Buckle date stamp was issued to the Rutherglen office.

Used in black: 10 September 1891 and 20 October 1893.

Size: 27 × ? mm.

Rated: RR.

Number in the Census: 7.

Rutherglen 1891
10 September 1891.
(earliest recorded date).

Provenance: Freeman.

Rutherglen B&B
31 August 1892.



 The Sydney Morning Herald of 12 February 1861 carried the following notice: The Electric Telegraph Office at Wahgunyah is now open (11 February) and communication available. Public charges same as with Beechworth.

S. W. McGOWAN, Beechworth.



The Telegraph Office was opened in February 1861.



The Office was issued with a 1 hole Belt & Buckle date stamp.

Used in black: 23 October 1891 to 2 November 1893.

Size: 27 × 38 mm (e = 0.70).

Number in the Census:

Complete: 2.
Incomplete: 8.

Rated (complete): RRRR.


Detail of the two 1 hole Belt & Buckle strikes in black on the cover below.

Blue legal document cover with 9d. apple Green watermark V over Crown perf 12½.
Cancelled by two strikes of complete Yakandah 1 hole Belt & Buckle date stamps in black - first complete strikes seen.
Used 13 days after the issue of the stamp.
Denomination pays 3d registration fee and 6d. postage at the triple rate of 2d per ounce.

Chartwell collection, Spink May 2018, Lot 344.