Of the four recorded covers with a combination or mixed franking of both of the two 1897 Victorian Charity stamps:

The four recorded covers are displayed below and grouped as follows:

  1. combination frankings of both the Victorian 1897 Charity stamps;
  2. mixed frankings of both the Victorian 1897 Charity stamps with another issue.

Combination franking.

CTO cover Melbourne for local delivery.
22 October 1901.

Single of each denomination tied to a plain cover with a Melbourne CTO cancel. Clearly a philatelic usage.

Status July 1992 Lot 1469.
Abacus Auctions May 2018 Lot 512.

Sydney Melbourne to Sydney
25 October 1897.

9d registered inter-colonial letter rate 3rd step: registration fee 3d, postal charge 3d * 3 plus a convenience overfranking of ½d.

Has two pairs of the 1d (1/-) and three singles.

Millennium Auctions April 2003,
Lot 656.
Prestige Philately, December 2010,
Lot 486.

Law courts combination Melbourne to Sydney.
(Law Courts cds of 3 November 1897).

Pair of the 2½d stamp.

6d registered inter-colonial letter rate.

Prestige Philately, January 2004
Lot 626.
Prestige Philately, May 2012, sale 173, Lot 733.


Mixed franking.

Stawell South Yarra to Stawell
6 December 1905 (very late usage).

5d registered intra-colonial letter rate (3d registration fee and 2d intra-colonial rate).

Same address and handwriting as on a cover shown elsewhere with a 2½d (2/-) pair.

Prestige Philately, November 2011, Lot 493.


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