As with the single frankings of the 1d (1/-) and 2d (2/-) stamps, the combination and mixed frankings involving both stamps are generally philatelic although some do appear to have a genuineness about them.

It is estimated that there are less than 12 covers with both stamps from the 1900 Victorian Charity issue. Of the six covers shown below, three have international addresses and appear to be genuine postally used. The Charity stamps did not however have validity for the payment of international postage!!! The other three covers shown below have inter-Colonial/inter-State addresses (Tasmania and New South Wales).

The covers shown are grouped as follows:

  1. combination frankings of both the 1900 Victorian Charity stamps;
  2. mixed frankings of both the 1900 Victorian Charity stamps with another issue.

Combination frankings.

Both to Launceston Melbourne to Launceston, Tasmania.
15 June 1900.

2d inter-colonial rate: 1d overfranking for a philatelic cover.

Prestige Philately October 2010 Lot 339.

Mixed with pair Melbourne to Sydney.
6 June 1900.

5d registered inter-colonial rate:

Registration fee 3d;
Inter-colonial letter rate: 2d.

One of three covers recorded with a 1d pair.

Status cover Melbourne to London.
11 June 1901.

2½d foreign postage rate.
Cover front only.

Status Auctions August 2015 Lot 1516.


Mixed frankings.

Sydney 1900 Melbourne to Sydney.
31 May 1900.

5d registered inter-colonial letter rate:
Inter-colonial letter rate: 2d; Registration fee: 3d.

Both Charity stamps with a Naish 2d violet.

Phoenix Auctions December 2013, Lot 893.

Euroa mixed

Euroa to Junee and redirected to Sydney.
11 June 1900.

A registered letter with both Charity stamps together with a 1d rose-red Naish design avd cancelled three times with an unframed Euroa date stamp. Has backstamps for Melbourne 5:30 am on 12 June), Junee (4:30 pm 12 June) and Sydney 14 June).

A genuine postal use of the Charity issue.

Spink May 2018 Lot 347.

Eastern cover Melbourne to Batavia (Jakarta), Java.
20 June 1900.

Cover sent to the Eastern Extension Telegraph Company which operated the telegraph cable connection to Darwin and to Broome.

Mixed franking with 2½d Tannenberg paying the postage rate and the 3d Naish paying the registration fee. The Charity stamps are just decoration as they had no postal validity to an overseas destination.

Mixed to Boston Rialto to Boston, USA.
29 August 1901 (with Telegraph Office date stamp).

5½d registered foreign letter rate: Foreign letter rate: 2½d; Registration fee: 3d.

Both Charity stamps with a contemporary ½d uprating 1d orange envelope.

Use of the Charity stamps to pay the overseas rate after Federation. It may have been thought that, as Colonial stamps were interchangeable, they might then have been valid for overseas purposes.

Matthew Bennett February 2003 Lot 579;
Millennium Auctions
April 2003 Lot 658.

An almost identical cover is known - see Gartner Sale February 2021, Lot 3289.
It has the same date but is numbered "380" in red and it has registration number "12438" to the right and well clear of the R circle handstamp. It also has "789" in pencil ms under the LH 1d stamp.
One can only surmise about item "381".


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