Three essays of the two denominations were prepared by William Gullick (the newly appointed Government Printer for NSW). Details of these are obscure. Richard Peck reports they are held in the NSW Archives. There is one poor reproduction on the cover of Sydney Views for May 1888.


Proofs of the 1d (1/-) stamp.

Proofs of the 1d (1/-) design were printed in the issued colours on thin, unwatermarked card.
They were perforated 11 x 11.

The number of proofs printed is unknown but it likely to be only one sheet of 30. Very few proofs are recorded as still existing (probably less that 10) and it may be that there are only the three described below.

It had been generally accepted that all the proofs were overprinted SPECIMEN but the second example shows that is not correct.

1d Millen 1d Mill nospec

Proof overprinted SPECIMEN.

Status April 1982 Lot 182.
Status July 2002 Lot 1241.
Millennium Auctions Nov. 2012 Sale 54, Lot.809.

Proof NOT overprinted SPECIMEN with slight damage.

Status July 2002 Lot 1243.
Millennium Auctions October 2002, Lot 207.

A third proof of the 1d, also overprinted SPECIMEN, can be distinguished by the perforations in the lower right side just touching the outer frame (See Status Auctions, July 2002 Lot 1241).

The 1d (1/-) proofs differ from the final designs in a few minor details - for example the proof has:

  • only three or four poorly formed stars for the Southern Cross;
  • more brown shading dots on the bodies of the angel and the sick person.

Proofs of the 2½d (2/6) stamp.

Proofs of the 2½ (2/6) stamp are equally rare. It is known that four proofs exist. They can be distinguished by the position of the overprint relative to the decoration before JUBILEE.

2½d Millen 2½d Prest

Proof overprinted SPECIMEN.

Millennium Auctions:
Rarities October 2002 Lot 208;
Nov. 2012 Sale 54, Lot 809.

Proof overprinted SPECIMEN with some damage.

Stanley Gibbons September 2001 Lot 1312.
Prestige Philately Aug. 2012, Lot 259.

Third proof: distinguished by "en" of the overprint being almost clear of the decoration and the "n" being centered between the protrusions of the decoration surrounding it. Proof 3

Fourth proof: distinguished by "en" of the overprint being clear of the decoration and the "n" being centered between the protrusions of the decoration surrounding it but nearly past the top one..

(See Status Auctions, July 2002 Lots 1241 and 1242 respectively for both proofs)

Proof 4


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