Little is known of the printing process for this issue. Kellow (1990) reports two die proofs are known and the two images below are reproduced from his excellent book.

1d die proof.
Handwritten notes:
"Unfinished: Face to be retouched & cross to go on Crown.

A. A. Mitchellhill, Engraver.
Sands & McDougal, Melb".

Provenance: Rod Perry

2½d die proof.
Handwritten notes:
"Unfinished proof, to be retouched and southern cross to go in sky.

A.A. Mitchellhill

Provenance: Rod Perry

Rod Perry also had a second set of similar die proofs for the 1897 Victorian issue which he noted in a personal communication as being "rather lovely" - hence they must have been very striking. He describes them as being "full size, glazed cards for the respective denominations in black".

The 1d was endorsed: "Proof taken before being retouched ..... unfinished/face to be retouched, cross to go on Crown".

The 2½d was endorsed: Unfinished proof, retouch & put southern cross in sky.

Rod sold that set to Australia Post.