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The 1d (1/-) olive-brown stamp features the Victoria Cross.

The design is based on one of the competition entries for the 2d denomination.

It is the only stamp which has featured the Victoria Cross in this detailed way. Some Australian issues have shown winners of the Victoria Cross.

The postal denomination of 1d covered the basic letter rate.

Both stamps in the Patriotic Fund issue were printed from electrotype printing plates in sheets of 42 arranged in six rows of seven stamps.

Main details of printing

Basic letter rate.
Date of issue:
22 May 1900.
V over Crown (V4) sideways.
12½ single line perf.
Number printed:
Unknown but more than 40,026 (953 sheets) plus some sheets which were sent to the Victorian Agent General in London for sale.
Supplied to Bern Bureau (UPU):
Destroyed under Treasury Authority:
Number issued:
About 4,000 stamps.


Multiples of the 1900 Patriotic Fund stamps are very rare. None have come up at auction since before 2000.

There are some blocks of four of the 1d (1/-) but their number is unknown. One block from the lower right corner of a sheet (Provenance: Stone collection) was sold at the Rodney Perry Sale in July 1989 Lot 675. Another block of four was sold by Rod at his sale in April 1998 Lot 1036. As no photos were included in the catalogue, perhaps these were the same item.

Several pairs are known to exist with three covers bearing pairs.

Used stamps off cover.

As listed elsewhere, used 1d (1/-) stamps in good condition are scarce. There are at least 8 but probably less than 20 recorded.
Some examples are:

Elsternwick 22 September 2011
(Late cancellation).

Status Auctions January 2013 Lot 1952.

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