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NSW 2½d JJ The 26th June 1897 NSW Government Gazette described the design of the 2½d (2/6) stamp as follows:

"The motive of 'restoration' or 'rebuilding' is typified by two figures draped in white, the strong gently leading the weak, while she points to the motto "Redifico'. This vignette is placed in a diamond frame, above which are the words 'Consumptives Home' inscribed on a riband. A circle of gold forms the background, upon which the flannel flower and waratah are displayed. In the left lower corner is a medallion bearing the figures 2/6, while the base of the design is inscribed 'N.S.W. Postage, Twopence Halfpenny". This stamp is printed in gold, blue, rose and carmine."

The postal denomination of 2½d covered the foreign letter rate.

Main details of printing.

Both of the N.S.W. Charity stamps were designed by C. Taylor.

The 2½d (2/6) stamp was also printed by the Government Printing Office, Sydney, using chromolithography in sheets of 30 arranged in six rows of five.
Separate 30-on plates were prepared for each of the four printing colours - gold, blue, rose and carmine.

Date of issue: 28 June 1897 - but valid for postage until 31 August.
Watermark: Crown and NSW (inverted and showing NSW from the front).
Perforation: 11 x 11 (line).
Number printed: 15,000.
Supplied to Bern Bureau (UPU): 810.
Destroyed under Treasury Authority: 4,110.
Number issued: 10,080 (336 sheets).


When viewed by holding the stamp upright, the watermark is upside down.



Watermark inverted.

Two examples are recorded as singles with watermark upright:


The higher denomination stamp was more keenly sought after by collectors and so there are no large multiples still existing - certainly no sheet. The multiples can be summarised as follows:

Selvedge at the right only.
Showing watermark frame-line in selvedge.
MNH, perforations almost perfect.

Provenance: Burrus.
Status January 2002 Lot 1120.

Top right corner bloc with complete selvedge.
MNH, perforations almost perfect.

Provenance: Berry, Johnstone.

Top right corner block.
Has watermark frame-lines in both selvedges.
Prestige Philately August 2012 Lot 262.

Other blocks of 4 for the 2½d (2/6) which are recorded are:

Selvedge details Other characteristics Seller/Reference & Date (lot)
Top and left Upper stamps MLH, lower stamps unmounted.
Has a dot in the selvedge in the top right corner.
Prestige Philately April 2009 Lot 353.
Top and left MUH. Status October 2013 Lot 1640.
Only above top pair
  • has gum down nearly half of the selvedge;
  • slight damage above the top left stamp;
  • has gum run above top right stamp and a hinge.
  • Stanley Gibbons December 1970 Lot 1046;
  • Millennium Rarieties October 2004 Lot 12.
  • white spot in the perforations above SOUTH in the lower right stamp;
  • spot under the 2nd N of PENNY in the top left stamp.
  • David Feldman Sale 42 April 1986 Lot 20856;
  • Premier Rarities sale January 2003 Lot 221.
No selvedge Some vertical separation, strengthened.

Millennium February 2005 Lot 51.
No selvedge Good perforations but some roughness
between the upper pair.
Ebay February 2012.
No selvedge Very good perforations and centered left. Prestige Philately May 2008 Lot 16

Used stamps off cover.

Like the situation for the 1d (1/-) stamp, singles are plentiful and MH/unused examples are common. Singles and pairs can only be rated as scarce if they are in good MUH condition with reasonable gum. Unfortunately the majority of stamps off cover are unused (no gum) and/or are in poor condition with thins, creases and stained.

A block of four with a Parkes cds of 2 December 1897, matching the 1d (1/-) block of four is known (Status Auctions July 2002 Lot 1248).

As described elsewhere, there are at least than 21 good used examples of single 2½d (2/6) stamps - but there are probably less than 30 examples of good, collectable items.

The earliest recorded date for a 2½d (2/6) stamp off cover is 22 June 1897. Most recorded dates are to December 1897 although, like with the 1d (1/-) stamp, some are known with date stamps a long time out of the validity of the stamp - for example 17 March 1909 at Sydney (Status Auctions December 2002 Lot 1005) and 27 September 1937 at Melbourne!! (Sandafayre October 2913 Lot 5341).

There are a number of cancelled examples with only the barred ray cancellation.

Milperinka 22 June 1897.
First Day of Issue of the 1d stamp
but 6 days before the issue of the 2½d.
Full gum. MNH.

Provenance: Duncan Manins.

Tenterfield 22 June 1897.
First Day of Issue of the 1d stamp
but 6 days before the issue of the 2½d.
Full gum. MNH.

Provenance: Duncan Manins.


Delegate duplex 202 3 July 1897.
Prestige January 2005 Lot 394.

Syd 7 JY 97
Sydney NSW duplex 7 July 1897.

Status November 2013 Lot 1641.

Summer Hill
Summer Hill 10 July 1897.
Prestige Philately April 2011 Lot 337.

Grafton 90 duplex 17 July 1897.
DnJays September 2013.
Haymarket 5 August 1897.
Richard Allen September 2013 Lot 58.
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