Western Australia: 1861-1988.
Telegram rates.

There was little change to the rates charged for telegrams from 1861 to 1900 in Western Australia.


The rates published on the reverse of the first transmission form (WC-TO-2) in 1879 are:

1879 charges

The seecond paragraph shows that Western Australia was in agreement with the other Colonies by not charging for address and signature.


During the 1880s, these charges were modified slightly as is shown by the reverse side of the transmission form (WC-TO-3A used in 1889):

1889 charges

The main change is that a local rate was introduced for telegrams between Perth and Fremantle.

A delivery form (WC-DO-4A) used in 1890 has almost the same scale of charges except:


In 1894, telegram rates in Western Australia were:

Telegram from To any station in First 10 words Each additional word
Perth, North Fremantle and Fremantle. Perth, North Fremantle and Fremantle. 6d. 1d.
Any station in WA Any other station in WA 1/- 1d.
  South Australia 2/- 2d.
  Victoria and New South Wales 3/- 3d.
  Queensland and Tasmania 4/- 4d.

To New Zealand, 10 words 5s 6d, each extra word 7d.

On Sunday, all stations were open from 8 to 9 am. and 6 to 7 p.m. and messages lodged on Sundays except fpr Cables and the Press were charged at double rates.