Western Australia - Interim: 1901-1917.
Notification of delivery form: WI-AD-1

General characteristics:

Heading and notes: Form number E. T. 30.
COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA added above previous colonial heading.
Message area: Has text and blanks to be completed.
Reverse side: Blank.
Colours (text & form): Black on cream.
Size of form overall: 166 × 201 mm.
Distinctive characteristics of this form:
WI-AD-1 WI-AD-1:
Telegram non-delivery notification.

Used at Perth and has rare TELEGRAPHS PERTH W.A. date stamp with thin letters of
6 November 1906.

Also has a type RO7 Received S-G date stamp at the base.

Details of use and rarity.

Schedule number Earliest recorded date Rarity rating
DO-1A None 6 November 1906 at Telegraphs Perth. RRR